Fondly Truly

by Wayne Szalinski

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released April 26, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Kurt Roy at HeartGold Studios
Mastered by Mat Halliday at Minx Recording Studio



all rights reserved


Wayne Szalinski Lansing, Michigan

"Black Mirror" is Wayne Szalinski's debut full-length. it's ok.

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Track Name: Deerling
I'm sorry you will see and comprehend
I want you to know and understand,
then do nothing but forgive me dear
For honestly I'm a selfish man

Don't waste your mouth on him
Don't waste your tongue or skin
I know I wasn't the first,
But honestly it's the best and the worst

Let's find a way
Let's find a face
Let's find a safe place
Track Name: A Study in Perspective
“Will you be there in the morning?
And every morning?
Even if I stain your shirts with my sobbing?”

“Best find someplace to make your bed
Or we’ll be sleeping foot to head
And making all the same mistakes again"

While we kid ourselves with pretense
Everything has consequence
What’s best is what’s best is what’s best and
What’s dead is what’s dead is what’s dead

“Will you be there in the morning?
And every morning?
Even if I stain your shirts with my sobbing?”
Track Name: Sweetness
Today I exist only in consequence
and I am feeling so very insignificant
When all you have left me is some fragile line of poetry
and the memory of a smile so deceiving

Will you be in your apartment tonight?
Will I be in your mind?

and how many times will I read your "goodnights"
Before I hear the whispers of your "best wishes"
Sleep well tonight, dream well in spite
of all persistent hauntings and the certainty that we will die
Track Name: Two and Two
If you asked me, would I tell you?
No I guess not, I’ll keep it locked up
Inside my head, inside my head
where I’ll keep it safely

And if you pushed me for an answer,
Would I tell you, another half truth?
I love you both, I hate you both
So I’ll paint you any colour

I am living in another shade of grey
This is where I build my home
The hedgehog will dance with the coyote
In a heartbeat

Don’t let me down, my friend
I won’t forget what you did
Track Name: Some Collagist
chasing the memory
of some collagist
and wallowing in moments
selfish and nothing
so wish a quick death
were we amnesiacs
hopelessness and still hoping
again again